After mark has been fired from the jam-making business, he found some work as a knight in a castle nearby.

Mark was told that he should guard the basement, but soon found his biggest enemy - notmark

He now clears floor after floor collecting coins and upgrading his sword, so he can fight off intruders easier.


  • Move with WASD
  • Left click to swing sword
  • Right click to place bomb
  • After all enemies have been defeated you can advance by walking to the lit up set of stairs
  • Press "Reroll" to regenerate the level (Will remove one heart)
  • Press "End" to kill mark and end your run
  • After collecting 5 coins you can choose a random upgrade after clearing the stage
  • The game doesn't end - you always play on a newly generated stage (except when you die or end the run)


There are various enemies mark can encounter. Here is a list of them:

Notmark is the first enemy you encounter. Runs at you.
Health: 3
Speed: Medium
Unmark is the second enemy. Runs at you.
Health: 3
Speed: Fast
Rockmark is the third enemy. Immune to swords.
Health: 2
Speed: Slow
Find more enemies in the game!

Source Code here (Github)

Music by Scott Buckley


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loved the graphics

nice game