Marks Food Place

After Mark decided that working in a dungeon was too scary, he once again begged for a job at a local food chain. The food chain hasn't been doing well and is nearly going bankrupt. It is Marks job to save the business and make new profits.

Merge food together to create meals for hungry customers.


Here is a flow chat of food that you can make:

You can add food by dragging it on top of the other food.

The hot plate is at the top of your working space.

When you finished making an item for an order, drag it on top of it. The item on the order will be crossed out.

At the bottom you will see the rent for the business and a timer. When the timer runs out, you will have to pay the rent, which will be done automatically.

You can see your money at the bottom right of the screen.

If you money drops below 0, it's game over.

Tip: Larger orders give more money!


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Very nice game! I really enjoid cooking with mark :D